Preservation and Interpretation Work


ongoing projects

Building Study

A $15,000 matching grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission has allowed us to begin a comprehensive evaluation of Hamilton Hall’s physical structure. Bringing in experts in architecture and structural engineering, we will be assessing the building’s unique assets and identifying our most pressing restoration needs. The evaluation will be completed by June 2020, allowing us to develop plans for the future.

past projects

Remond Family Research

With support from the Essex National Heritage Commission, Hamilton Hall president Dan Randall, board member and Salem State history chair Donna Seger, and Salem State undergraduate Katherine Stone explored the history of the Remond family, who were Hamilton Hall’s resident caterers in the mid-19th century. This grant supported the development of a free lecture given by Dr. Seger in September 2019, as well as educational materials that will remain on periodic display in the Hall.

Eagle Restoration

In 2015, Hamilton Hall completed the restoration of the Samuel McIntire-carved eagle that hung outside the Hall for over 200 years. With the help of generous philanthropic supporters, the eagle was painstakingly preserved, moved indoors, and replaced by a fiberglass replica on the exterior of the building.

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